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Knowledge Economy Support Program

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Definition of the program:

This program finances the establishment of leading research units that seek to implement research projects in order to have a clear social, knowledge and economic impact through cooperation among distinguished local or international researchers or research teams at the university to achieve medium and long term goals that contribute to solving society's problems and progress.


Establishing specialized research centers or institutes that contribute to building a knowledge-based society and economy.


Supporting and financing the capacity building of specialized research centers or establishing new research units in modern scientific in order to providing with a stimulating and attractive research environment that contributes to resolution of societal problems through creative research, innovative products and community services.


1- To contribute effectively to the achievement of the comprehensive national policy for the long-term science and technology of the Kingdom.

2 – To develop scientific and technical research infrastructure at the university.

3 – To contribute to solving societal problems and transforming new creative and innovative ideas into primary products that can later be used as commercial products.

4 - Attracting faculty members, researchers and graduate students to work in leading research units.

5- Developing research capabilities and skills of faculty members and researchers through exchanging experiences and knowledge with their counterparts in universities and research centers.

6- Supporting multidisciplinary research in research areas with strategic priorities.

7 - Increasing the rate of scientific research publications in the global scientific journals and improving the global ranking of the university.

8- Enhancing cooperation between the university and the local and international industrial and service institutions to stimulate scientific and technical innovation.


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