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The Deanship of Scientific Research was established at the University of Al-Kharj vide Higher Education Council Resolution No. 2/10/1419 approved in its tenth session held on 6/2/1419 H, and with the approval of the Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques vide Royal Decree No. 7 / B / 4403 dated 2/4 / 1419 H. The Deanship is responsible for creating an appropriate research environment by encouraging faculty, researchers, postgraduate and undergraduate students to undertake innovative scientific research, in addition to providing the necessary financial and technical support within the allocated budgets. The Deanship of Scientific Research Council constituted under this deanship is the legislative body to study the regulations, rules and procedures governing the scientific research activities and is responsible for the implementation of the research plans.
The Deanship of Scientific Research  undertakes the following important tasks;
1. Proposing annual research plans of the university and preparing budgetary requirements to implement those plans to Scientific Council.
2. Proposing regulations, rules and procedures governing the activities of scientific research at the university
3. Approving research projects, following up implementation and monitoring research progress in accordance with the rules governing it
4. Suggesting means of organizing and cooperating with different research centers outside the university
5. Coordinating among various research centers at the university to eliminate duplication of performance and encouraging joint research between departments and colleges to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of the use of available resources
6. Recommending approval of the publications of research outcomes after carrying out due diligence in accordance with the rules
7. Encouraging faculty members and other researchers to undertake innovative scientific research
8. Streamlining the coordination process among foreign, local and university research centers in order to benefit from modernization
9. Establishing a state of the art information base to exchange research information with in universities and among other research centers
10. Preparing the annual report of the scientific research activities at the university to be submitted to the Vice Rector for Graduate Studies and Scientific Research
11. Supervision follow-up of research funds acquisition from other sectors outside the university
12. Forming specialized committees consisting of university faculty members or from outside as required
13. Studying what is referred to him by the top management of the university


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